Top 10 Questions asked
of the Stable Master

Wait, what? That’s awesome.
Glad you like ‘em, hop on, lets go for a ride.

What are they for?
Their purpose is unbounded fun. Unlimited pleasure. Laughter. Joy. Whimsical silliness. Community. Transportation that is clean, green and enjoyable.

Are they for kids or adults?
Just like non-motorized horses, our ponies require a steady hand and a good deal of awareness to ride safely. Adults can ride solo and kids can enjoy a ride if an adult is controlling the pony.

How far and fast can they go?
Each pony is an individual with a different personality (and different electric wheelchair type, and battery life, etc) — but roughly the top speed of a pony is up to 5 miles per hour and 10-15 miles on a full charge.

Did you make them yourself?
All ponies are made by hand at the stable using re-purposed electric wheelchairs and new wood, foam, material, hair and taxidermy supplies. It takes approximately 4 weeks of full time work to make a pony and costs approximately $2,000 in parts.

What are their names?
Each horse is named by members of the Mission Pony stable. See each horse’s name at the Meet the Ponies page.

What kind of horse are they?
We call them Equestronic.

Can I rent one? Can I buy one?
All the horses are available for your renting pleasure. Check out the Adventures and Kids pages for more details and to book your event. Custom-made ponies are also available just contact the Stable Master for details.

Can I come to the stable and make a pony with you?
We’re working on being able to offer that in the near future.

Do you have a real stable in San Francisco?
Not yet, but we will — do you know of a good corral for rent? Much obliged.

How Did These Crazy Shenanigans Get Started?

In July 2011, a medical social worker wanted to build a horse to ride in her neighborhood’s annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race. What started as garage tinkering became the first Mission Pony. By June 2012 four ponies made their debut at Sunday Streets in the Mission to an enthusiastic public. Fall of 2012, Mission Pony LLC opened its stable doors to the joy of urban riders.

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